Rule #1. You’ve got to be comfortable! If you aren’t comfortable, you’re going to look uncomfortable in your photos. If you’re not comfortable in a dress and heels, then do not feel like you must wear one.  Just because Jenny wore a cute dress and heels doesn’t mean you have to.

That brings us to Rule #2.  Just be you. I’m sure you have seen Jenny’s photo posted online, and she wore this and did this in her photos. She isn’t you. This photo shoot is about you, and bringing out YOUR best qualities. So just be yourself, and let who you are shine through.

Rule #3. Don’t over think it! If your son’s hair has a mind of it’s own, or you had to change your top at the last second because you got a spot on it. IT’S OK. This is reality, and it’s not perfect. Believe me no one has ever had a photo shoot go perfectly, whether they are the client or the photographer.

Rule #4. Go slightly easier on your makeup than usual. I will touch it up later in processing, and you will approve the final photos before I print them.

Rule #5. Accessorize! Your favorite earrings or an awesome pair of shoes will make your images unique. Changing jewelry, sweaters, etc. can also add variety to the session.

And Rule #6. HAVE FUN! When you are having fun, the real you shines through!!

If you are looking for ideas about dressing your family for your shoot, check out my What To Wear Guide Ideas board on here: